"I love the fun and challenge of finding the aesthetic in everyday, ordinary things through a camera lens!

I have a 'genre-free' approach to photography that embraces the randomness of daily encounters with people, the urban landscape, nature, movement and light. I bring the sum of my influences into each photograph which pulls from History, Americana, music, and the surreal, coupled with maintaining respect for the dignity of the subject matter and environs.

Being able to record, preserve, and alter the perception of environment through the manipulation of light through glass is magic to me and always has been since the first time I developed my own pictures as a kid using darkroom chemicals. To freeze the special qualities of a given moment and bring it to life in an image that stirs interest, enjoyment, emotion and meaning in others is a truly extraordinary, fulfilling and humbling thing.

Within my open-ended interests, I do love the stark timelessness and detail of black & white photography and have an affinity for long exposures that create gauzy, textured and motion-filled "dreamscapes" out of what would otherwise be a straight-up, flat version of the same scene.

I'm not sure what I'm onto next, but thanks for having a look!"

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